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Aperitif and appetizers

Most pleasant boat cruises and getaways with family or friends,

joyfully accompanied by delicious appetizers made from local products

while discovering the beauty of our Lugano Lake.

Your personal requirements will be satisfied, garanteed.

Grand aperitif

– 1 every 3 person or soft drink



– Snack

90 min. of shipping

Fr. 45.-/person

(at least 6 people)

Aperitif delux

– 1 bott.vino every 3 persone or soft drink

Cold cuts

– Cheese

– Chips e snack

90 min. of shipping

Fr. 60.-/person

(at least 6 people)

Lunch and dinner

A romantic evening under a starry sky on the bay of Lugano,
lunch or dinner between friends, or business meetings:

tranquillity and discretion guaranteed, « à la carte » menu.
You have a choice between different menus,

in order to satisfy all your wishes.

If asked, Chef Clod will be happy to join you on board

and prepare fresh, local regional dishes.

sample menù

– Local cold cuts and cheese

– Baked sea bass and sea bream or baked veal knot

Seasonal cake

3 hours of navigation


(at least 6 people)

The elegance of our service is also revealed by the white table cloth,

precious china ware and crystal glasses.

Delight for your eyes as well as for your taste!

Special Events

Celebrate your birthday, stag or bachelerotte party in an original way.

Spend an unforgettable day like you never did before!

Free your imagination!

We are happy to follow your extravagancy

and make your dreams come true!

Don’t miss a day to celebrate!

You can bring your own music playlists

and plug in your device to audio system.