Party Boat | The Rescia Caves
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Grotte di Rescia, a series of caves unified to a single complex at the beginning of the 20th century, wind along a tourist route about 500 meters on the mountain slopes, on the eastern shore of Lake Ceresio.
The seven caves, destination for tourists from all over Europe since 1700, represent a rarity in the country as they originate from the inside of travertine flowstone, misleadingly knows as “tuff”. Over the ages, water has dug a sequence of holes in the travertine, depositing spectacular concretions.
The Rescia caves offer the chance to observe the “life” of caves since they contain fossils and ancient formations whilst still being active and constantly growing and evolving. Moreover, unique situation of its kind, the visit to the caves includes the visit to the Santa Giulia gorge with its waterfall, which in about 70 meters high.



Piazza Rezzonico, vis-à-vis Hotel Walter


From 10:00 to 14:00


Trip to the Caves of Rescia with a visit to the canteen of Gandria with degustation.
90.-/person – at least 6 person